Golden syrup substitute! Homemade golden syrup

Golden syrup substitute is a thick smooth syrup. It is also called golden treacle syrup. Its color and texture are golden syrup or dark golden corn syrup.

The most popular brand is Tate & Lyle’s golden syrup which I highly recommend as a yummy and delicious syrup. Golden syrup is made from cane sugar that has a unique and light caramel flavor.

It’s less sweet than corn syrup or maple syrup. This syrup is a mixture of water, sugar, and lemon.  It’s stable during baking and won’t crystallize. This syrup can be used to flavor things like baking pancakes, cookies, pudding, etc.

What can I do for Lyle’s golden syrup? How to make golden syrup at home?

I highly recommend using this simple recipe to make a golden syrup substitute at home. I’m gonna tell you how you can make a fantastic substitute at home with just three ingredients:

1kg – Sugar
2 cups – Hot water
1 ps – Lemon

Golden syrup
Golden syrup


1. Take a deep saucepan and add a small amount of sugar and some water. And then over a medium-low flame. And just gonna let this sugar dissolve.

Now, you don’t want it to simmer at this point, you want it to dissolve before it simmers. So just swirl the saucepan and you can see sugar is dissolving now at this point bring it to a simmer.

And then turn up a tiny bit and we’re going for a rich amber color. So the color is caramel, it should not be smoked. This took around 8-10 minutes or so.

2. Get this stage caramel-rich color and add in a large amount of sugar and boiling water. Make sure its water just came off the boil, and add acid which is lemon juice. Lemon juice is really important. It steps it from crystallizing you don’t want to leave.

Then go with a whisk and whisk in your sugar. So just continue whisking until you have got the lumps out of there.

Also, presently what you need to do is still over a medium-low fire sort of decent controlled stew. We will let this stew for around 17-20 minutes. If you put in your spatula and just drip off the golden syrup.

And the dripping off not hanging around means it’s not ready yet. And afterward, we will allow it to keep stewing and return thus you can see the thickness

3. After 45-50 minutes Sugar is starting to thicken and it’s slowly dripping off the spatula. And turn off the heat and move it to the colder stove and let it cool off in there. Golden syrup is made for around an hour or so. And then put it into a nice air-tight jar.

Uses for golden syrup

Golden syrup is a must-have ingredient in everyone’s kitchen cupboard in the UK. There are a variety of foods you can use to sweeten with golden syrup.

Golden syrup is a perfect sweetened dessert. You can drizzle golden syrup substitute, for example, on pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream, and cookies and it uses candy making too.

You can make porridge with golden syrup. It also makes key ingredients in some dessert recipes like sticky toffee, and pudding.

12 Best Substitutes for golden syrup

Light corn syrup

best golden syrup substitute
Corn syrup

The best substitute for Golden syrup is light corn syrup also called maize syrup. Light corn syrup is a clear-colored syrup made by extracting sugar from corn starch.

It also often includes a little vanilla flavoring or lemon. This is usually a bit thinner than golden syrup but should at least be sweetened.

Light corn syrup tends to have a mild flavor making it a great alternative. This is a sweetener that is ideal for making candies, frosting, and jams since it easily crystallizes. 

 2 tbsp – Salt
 1 kg – Sugar
1 ps – Lemon
6 ps – Ears of corn 

1. Take a deep saucepan and add some water into the saucepan. Slice the corn into small pieces and add the saucepan. Once it is boiled, let it simmer in medium heat and boil for about 15-20 minutes.

2. After that use the spatula to pull out the corn cobs from the saucepan.

3. Now, into the saucepan add sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves completely. 

4. Turn down the heat and let the syrup simmer steadily. Cook syrup till it becomes a thick one-string consistency syrup. Thread not forming means syrup is not ready yet cooked for five minutes more and you can see one thread forming now.

5. Syrup is ready, turn off the gas. The consistency can also be checked in cold water.
Take some syrup and drop it in cold water. It comes together with the right consistency. Once the syrup cools down completely. It stores in an airtight container at room temperature for 3 months.

Corn syrup vs golden syrup

Corn Syrup is a sweet syrup prepared from corn starch with added preservatives and stabilizers. However, Golden Syrup is a homemade healthy option. Which is made up of Sugar, Water & Lemon. You can store it for a long time without needing any artificial ingredients.

Can I substitute honey for golden syrup?



you might have heard about the use of Golden syrup as a substitute for corn syrup and honey.
Likewise, you may use honey as a golden syrup substitute. Honey and gold syrup are both liquid sweeteners but they are not the same ingredients.

Golden syrup is a thick liquid sweetener that is a byproduct of the sugar refining process. But honey Bee collects nectar from plants and doesn’t need to be processed before use. Another problem with honey is that as compared to Golden syrup it reacts differently to heat and so affects the taste.

Honey is also an inverted sugar but honey tends to have a distinctive taste. It’s a frequently used alternative to Golden syrup as it’s easily available in grocery stores.

What is a good substitute for golden syrup?

Maple syrup

It is a good alternative substitute for golden syrup. This syrup is boiled to concentrate the sweetness and thicken it to a syrup consistency. starts as the sap of maple trees. Maple syrup is very popular in Canada and is used for pancake make it maple syrup at home?

How to make maple syrup at home?

1. Take a saucepan add 1 cup water and add 1 cup brown sugar and add ½ cup of white sugar or granulated sugar mix everything well together until completely dissolved and bring it to a boil. At this point add ¼  teaspoon of salt to it and continue boiling.

It’s been simmering on medium-low heat now for about 5-10 minutes. Ensure that sugar has melted. So it’s time for us to taste the finger. You just want to run your finger down the back of your spatula and the syrup shouldn’t run that line means it is ready.

2. Plain syrup is simmering at this point and add 1 ½ teaspoon butter. Butter stir it to melt well

3. Whenever butter is totally dissolved now add vanilla and maple concentrate and blend it well and stew for 2-3 minutes. And the homemade maple syrup is ready.

Let it cool and you can store it in your refrigerator for up to a week. And especially if you add butter to it you keep it in your refrigerator. But without butter, you can keep it in your  cabinet and store in a jar

4. Agave Nectar

This is the most solid golden syrup substitute as I would like to think. It has a flavor that is practically like that of corn syrup. Its flavor is less contrasted with that of the hone. This syrup might be portrayed as a delicate flavor.. Agave nectar holds a fluid actual state at room temperature.

Agave nectar is great for making things like chocolate sauce and pie.
Its substance highlights are different contrasted with those of corn syrup, and this makes it not reasonable for making sweets. Agave nectar is great for diabetic people since it doesn’t influence glucose levels.

This is on the grounds that agave nectar has GI levels that are very low since it contains fructose in overflow. The glucose level in agave sugar is low, thus it scarcely purposes an ascent in glucose levels.

Another great substitute utilizing agave nectar rather than brilliant syrup. Agave nectar, otherwise called agave syrup.

Agave nectar has a comparative degree of pleasantness to brilliant syrup however will in general be a more slender consistency.

It very well may be a seriously unbiased kind of pleasantness so it’s one more extraordinary option in contrast to brilliant syrup.

5. Sugar (Brown and White)

White granulated sugar is produced using refined sugarcane. It’s an extremely normal fix in many treats and frequently a kitchen staple. It has straightforward pleasantness absent a lot of extra particular taste.

Brown sugar is frequently viewed as a less refined adaptation of granulated white sugar. It has a rich caramel-like flavor like golden syrup, however, isn’t as rich in its taste.

Sugar can be utilized to best golden syrup sometimes, yet all at once most certainly not all. As sugar precious stones will frame at extremely high temperatures it tends to be valuable for some prepared products however not sweets making.

Sugar isn’t perhaps the best substitute however can be valuable when there’s no other option. However it’s great to take note of that assuming you’re intending to utilize sugar in any case, it very well may be great to make your own custom-made brilliant syrup with the sugar all things considered (see natively constructed area above).

6. Rice malt syrup

Another idea that can assist with substituting golden syrup is rice malt syrup. This is one more sugar made of natural brown rice. It is without fructose and has other medical advantages.

It is reasonable for everybody including, veggie lovers. The flavor of this syrup is like butterscotch and has a caramel taste with unpretentious pleasantness.

The smooth taste will not overwhelm different fixings in your formula. Use it and add it to baking products, cakes, different treats, and even beverages.

7. Molasses

One more ideal answer to substitute golden syrup is to utilize molasses.

Molasses is a sugar produced using handling sugar beets or sugarcane. It is likewise thick and has a dim variety. In this manner, it isn’t like golden syrup from those perspectives.

In any case, molasses has a lot of medical advantages like nutrients and minerals that are really great for your body. You can supplant either equivalent sums or change in light of different fixings

8. Treacle

One more thick syrup that makes an ideal substitute for golden syrup is the remedy. This syrup has a solid taste with hints of harshness and an extremely rich tone.

The remedy is delivered utilizing sugarcane or sugar beats. It has a caramel taste which is really great for cakes or whatever another sweet formula that calls for golden syrup.

9. Cane syrup

Also as the name suggests, stick syrup is isolated from rough sugar sticks. It frames a superb substitute for brilliant syrup with just a slight issue.

The issue is that it doesn’t take shape as it ought to make a wonderful sweet. Stick syrup emphatically looks like molasses, yet these two are very surprising things. The main contrast is that it doesn’t have sulfur, in contrast to molasses.

10. Artificial Sweetener

There is a wide range of sorts of fake sugars accessible, like strong sugar tablets (like you’d use in espresso), powdered sugars, and fluid sugars.

They’re not the most ideal substitutes for golden syrup as there is a tremendous taste contrast, yet you can utilize fluid sugar to diminish the real sugar and calories consumed.

One more highlight note is that fluid sugars, like fluid stevia, are by and large much better than golden syrup. Accordingly, you might have to lessen how much fluid you use contingent upon the brand of sugar.

This is frequently very challenging to pass judgment, however, a few brands will have guidelines for sugar replacement on them.

In the event that you want to utilize a considerable amount less sugar, for example, half, then you should add more fluid to your formula. Have a go at involving a greater amount of the fluids currently in the fixing list.

11. Brown Rice Syrup

At any point could you believe that Brown Rice Syrup could be a possibility to deliver sugar? Brown rice syrup is one more substitute for golden syrup. It is produced using rice starches.

The rice starches are separated to frame basic sugars. The straightforward sugars made are glucose which is 3% in happiness, malt triose which has a level of 52%, and maltose whose rate is 45%.

The sugars are then bubbled till they structure a syrup which goes by the name brown rice syrup. It tastes really nutty like that of brown rice.

It is great for making candy as it keeps the course of crystallization from occurring. Brown rice syrup is known to have a glycemic record (GI) which is exceptionally high, at 98.

12. Dark Treacle

Otherwise called dark treacle, this is likewise one more replacement you can utilize when you’ve run out of golden syrup substitute. However, observe that due to its dull tones, it will modify the presence of your dish (and perhaps positively!).

Likewise, molasses taste harsh, so be ready for a more grounded taste in dishes. You can pick to involve light molasses for a less serious character.

However, this is best used in case you are focusing extra on the outer layer of your dishes instead of its tone and taste.


Observing a substitute for brilliant syrup is exceptionally easy. You could figure out that it’s in your home at this moment!

This wondrous fixing I use for baking makes the best player and fortunately, you can track down ideal substitutes without bothering yourself with searching for brilliant syrup anyplace assuming you’re now making your formula.

Remember that sugar is an extremely hurtful item. A ton of it prompts ailments that can be the world’s most prominent diseases like heart infections, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Also, for weight watchers, sugars are what you want to keep off. Sugars lead to an expansion in various calories in your body.

You can get the vast majority of the minerals and nutrients found in these improving fixings from devouring genuine food.

A reasonable eating regimen from creature and plant items will give you every one of the nutrients, supplements, and minerals that are fundamental for the development and advancement of your body.

I trust that this brilliant syrup substitute rundown assisted you with sorting out what you want. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Try not to defer making your number one formula since you don’t have brilliant syrup!

Attempt any of these substitutes today and perceive how comparable the outcomes are!

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